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Resumen de la BMM 2021


Summary of the BMM 2021

This first edition of theBilbao Mountain Marathon It has taken us until the month of November, exactly on Sunday the 13th, to enjoy a very special edition. Change of season to find a Bilbao greener than ever. Nature in its purest state combining sports and tourism in the mountains that surround Bilbao. Trail lovers from Bilbao, Bizkaia and more distant locations. Any time is a good time to come to Bilbao and enjoy everything that the city has to offer. The impressive passion for trail running that exists in Bizkaia deserved a special sporting event that was up to par with an incredible city like Bilbao. For this reason, from JFG SPORT we continue to bet strongly on this test that combines sport, tourism, fun and nature. The test brought together 515 participants who, together with their companions, left us a day of 1,500 people in the Rekalde square. Two main places housed the infrastructure and route of the Bilbao Mountain Marathon, the Plaza de Rekalde and the Pagasarrri. The first of them, a very lively neighborhood of Bilbao with the mountains in the background, very integrated into the landscape of the district, was the logistical epicenter of this edition, hosting the start-finish and all the fun and entertainment events. For its part, the emblematic Pagasarri hosted with its leafy, steep and even unprecedented paths, along with those of other nearby mountains and heights, practically the entire route. We thank all the brands that have participated in this event for your presence in it. Eskerrik asko!​

Bilbao mountain marathon. Rekalde 13 noviembre 2021

Bilbao mountain marathon. Rekalde 13 noviembre 2021

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