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race for health

By bike, running or walking, the race for health wants to encourage families from Txorierri and Bizkaia to practice sport and thus be able to lead a healthier life by organizing a day dedicated exclusively to health, sport and a good atmosphere.

The route consisted of 6 or 10km (to choose). We were able to do it running, cycling or walking. All registered people received a bib number and all registered girls and boys were given a ticket to the largest children's park in Bizkaia.


Those who requested it when registering received a ticket to travel on the Euskotren for that day, the official transport of the event.

Once the race was over, there was a final party with supplies, music, activities, raffles, inflatables, a sports city, a traffic education circuit and a climbing wall for the little ones.

All this was enlivened with good music and a better atmosphere

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