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The values from the base

This is a project devised with the help and collaboration of the Sports Area. This sports initiative focused on women is part of the actions contemplated for Equality and children's values from the base.

The objective is "for them to run in a group through the streets and around the surroundings," they say from the Equality Service. “Probably, many women do not do it because they are not in the habit, because they do not want to walk the streets alone, especially at dusk, or simply because they have never practiced it and therefore do not know how to train. For this reason, we propose the creation of this group in which the different levels will be taken into account, as well as the schedules to favor the reconciliation of family, work and sports life”. "The guarantee of running in a group can serve many women to break the fear of running alone in the streets and also as a motivating element for practicing sport" they explain from the Equality Service.

Before starting to run, a theoretical workshop will be held in which information will be provided about the proper eating guidelines before starting the training sessions and once they have finished. Likewise, the specific physical and muscular characteristics of women will be explained, in order to avoid possible discomfort or injuries.

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