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    • Bilbao Mountain Marathon will take place on October 7, 2023.


    • The event has several departures since it has different routes and distances:

      • 42k: 9:00 a.m.

      • 9:30 p.m.

      • 1:00 p.m.


    • Bilbao Mountain Marathon will start and finish at Plaza de Rekalde.



    • Don't know how to get there? Don't worry, click here



    • Bilbao Mountain Marathon will consist of three tests:

    • Mountain race of 42 km and a slope of + 2181m approx.

    • Mountain race of 21 km and a slope of + 991m approx.

    • Mountain race of 13 km and a slope of + 710m approx.


  • TOURS:

    • It will be mandatory to follow the routes or tracks marked by the organization.

    • Mandatory checkpoints will be established for the athletes, and they may be disqualified if they do not carry out these steps.



    • Registration will be made through the website

    • If you want you can sign up here

    • Registration limited to 500 athletes

    • There will be no face-to-face registration on the day of the test.

    • On-line until October 5, 2023 at 10:00 p.m. With the inscription a commemorative gift of the test will be given.

    • The test will be held on October 7, 2023 in Bilbao. All persons who wish to do so may participate, regardless of age or sex, federated or not, and have registered for the race and wear their bib number at the start.

    • Refunds are not allowed, if you cannot take part once the registration is complete, you can request the transfer of the number to another person.



EVENT            RATE          PRICE  VALID

BMM Marathon  Promo rate   €40.00  Until 08/15/2023

BMM Marathon  Rate 1        €47.00  Until 09/15/2023

BMM Marathon  Rate 2        €55.00  From 09/16/2023 to 10/5/2023

BMM Half         Promo rate  €25.00  Until 08/15/2023

BMM Half         Rate 1        €30.00  Until 09/15/2023

BMM Half         Rate 2        €35.00  From 09/16/2023 to 10/5/2023

BMM Short        Promo rate €15.00  Until 08/15/2023

BMM Short        Rate 1       €20.00  Until 09/15/2023

BMM Short        Rate 2        €25.00  From 09/16/2023 to 10/5/2023


    • The collection of numbers and the runner's bag will be the day of the test in the same place of departure, in the Plaza de Rekalde.


    • Each athlete will be given a number.

    • You must carry it throughout the tour.

    • It will be located at the front and clearly visible, without bending or cutting

    • Failure to comply with this article may be grounds for disqualification



    • Before the decision to withdraw, it must be communicated in one of the established controls, delivering the bib number for the organization's knowledge.



    • 09:00 a.m. Trail 42k.

    • 09:30 a.m. Trail 21k.

    • 10:00 a.m. Trail 13k.

    • The start will be made from the esplanade of Plaza de Rekalde, with the finish line being in the same place.



    • In the Marathon distance there will be 6 intermediate refreshments and one final.

    • In the Half distance there will be 3 intermediate aid stations and one final.

    • In the Short distance there will be 2 intermediate refreshments and one final.

    • Points will be set up to deposit waste (gels, bottles, bar wrappers, etc.), so athletes are asked not to leave their waste on the mountain if they do not use it and carry it with them to the finish line to be able to enjoy our clean mountains.

    • Once the individual solid and liquid supplies have been collected, the athlete must leave the area as soon as possible to guarantee safety.


  • 14. PRIZES:

    • Classification   Number of winners

    • General Men's 42k 3 winners

    • General Women's 42k 3winners

    • Teams (of 4) 42k 3winners

    • General Men's 21k 3winners

    • General Women's 21k 3winners

    • Teams (of 4) 21k 3winners

    • Men's General 13k 3winners

    • General Women's 13k 3winners

    • Teams (of 4) 21k 3winners

    • Local Male 42k (Bilbao) 1winners

    • Women's Local 42k (Bilbao) 1 awarded

    • Local Male 21k (Bilbao) 1winners

    • Local Women's 21k (Bilbao) 1 awarded

    • Local Male 13k (Bilbao) 1winners

    • Women's Local 13k (Bilbao) 1 awarded

    • Male Veteran +45 (42k) 3winners

    • Female Veteran +45 (42k) 3winners

    • Male Veteran +45 (21k) 3winners

    • Female Veteran +45 (21k) 3winners

    • Male Veteran +45 (13k) 3winners

    • Female Veteran +45 (13k) 3winners

    • Male Veteran +55 (42k) 3winners

    • Female Veteran +55 (42k) 3winners

    • Male Veteran +55 (21k) 3winners

    • Female Veteran +55 (21k) 3winners

    • Male Veteran +55 (13k) 3winners

    • Female Veteran +55 (13k) 3winners


    • The health and ambulance services will be located in the start and finish area and in a strategic area of the route to attend to any mishap in the best possible way. They will remain there for the duration of the test and their presence may be required for as long as the organization deems appropriate after the test.



    • The organization reserves the right to modify any aspect of the test if necessary. In this case, the athletes will be informed of the appropriate modifications.



    • For their own safety, it is recommended that all athletes who are going to take part in any of the races have a medical examination to verify that they are fit to practice sports.

    • The organization will have civil liability insurance and the athletes will have accident insurance.

    • The organization is not responsible for the damages that the athletes could cause due to their participation or for the damages caused to other athletes or spectators.

    • The organization is not responsible for claims or demands resulting from damages that may occur to both the participants and the materials in case of loss, deterioration or misplacement. The registered participants in the race understand that they participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility in the competition. Consequently, they exonerate, waive, exempt and agree not to denounce the organizing entity, collaborators, sponsors and other participants, from all civil liability towards the runners and their heirs.

  • IF THE EVENT HAD TO BE SUSPENDED ON THE DAY OF THE TEST FOR CAUSES OUTSIDE THE ORGANIZATION (Meteorological causes or by imposition of the competent Authority, etc.), there will be no right to a refund of the registration fee.

    • If due to a health alarm the test had to be suspended within the last week, the athletes will be given the option to save their registration for the next edition or they will be paid 70% of the registration, leaving 30% to cover the management and organization expenses.

    • If due to a health alarm the test had to be suspended more than a week in advance, the athletes will be given the option to save their registration for the next edition or to pay the registration fee in full.

    • The organization can withdraw any participant if it believes that they endanger their health or that of the rest of the people who attend the event.



    • Every athlete who participates in the Bilbao Mountain Marathon is obliged to provide assistance to those athletes who need it, and may be disqualified if they do not.

    • Obligad@s not to deteriorate or dirty the environment.

    • They will throw their waste in the places authorized for it, such as supplies or control points and it will be a reason for disqualification to deposit it in places not authorized for these.

    • Only vehicles authorized by the organization, which will carry a badge, will be able to access or follow the test route.

    • The athletes must wear the number, which the organization gives them, in the front part clearly visible throughout the race and until they have passed the final refreshment station.

    • All @ participants, registered @ in the race, know and accept the rules of this event and recognize that they are fit @ for sports practice and in good physical condition. Confirms that he does not suffer from any disease that poses a risk to himself or to the other athletes and staff of the organization and is responsible for any damage that may be caused.




      • Windbreaker jacket with hood and long sleeves

      • cap or buff

      • Thermal or survival blanket, minimum 1.20 X 2.10

      • Backpack or equivalent with a container for reserve water, minimum 1 liter

      • In case of bad weather, a jacket with a hood made of a waterproof and breathable membrane


      • Gloves

      • Whistle

      • GPS or compass

      • Canes


      • Windbreaker jacket with hood and long sleeves



    • In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data you provide us by completing the registration form will become part of a file under the responsibility of Onergy events (hereinafter the "organization"). This file will be used for the organization of the sports event, registration of the participants, management of the delivery of the numbers, insurance management for runners, publication of the marks made in the media, publication of photographs and images of the participants in the media, billing and, in general, those purposes related to the management and organization of a sporting event.

    • Your contact details will be kept indefinitely and may be transferred to the sponsors of the event to send information related to sporting events organized by the organization or by third parties, as well as the products or services offered by the organizers or sponsors of the event. the sports test. These shipments may be made through both ordinary and electronic channels without prejudice to your right to cancel your personal data whenever you deem it appropriate.

    • By registering, the athlete (or their legal representative in case of being a minor) accepts that the organization of the race can use, publish, broadcast, include in web pages and social networks authorized by the organization, any photograph, slide, video or any other type of audiovisual support during their participation in this event.

    • The photographs can be seen on the website



    • All the participants, by participating and having paid the registration, agree to comply with these regulations.

    • Failure to comply with any of the points of this regulation may be grounds for disqualification from the test.

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