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2015 Edition

TheBilbao Extreme It has been with us since 2011. The Bilbao Extreme takes us to enjoy a very special edition. Nature in its purest state combining sports and tourism in the mountains that surround Bilbao. Mountain Bike lovers from Bilbao, Bizkaia and more distant locations. Any time is a good time to come to Bilbao and enjoy everything that the city has to offer.


A dream starting grid

The great names that gathered in our third edition will remain to be remembered and put on one of the successful and personalized
bibs that we prepare.
Even at the risk of leaving someone in the dark, here is the cast of figures present in Kobetas:
Milton Ramos, Julen Zubero, Aitor Hernández, Isaac Suárez, Josep Betalú, Óscar Pujol, Víctor De la Parte, Joaquín Sobrino, Mikel Pradera, Iñaki Gastón, Vidal Celis, Oriol Colomé, Daniel Ania, Litu Gómez, Manuel Fernández, Jon Pena, Juan Carlos Gómez, Rubén Menéndez, Tito Espada, José Antonio Mazaira, Rodolfo Marcos, Pantani López, Josema Fuentes, Toni Pacios, Erlantz Uriarte, José Antonio Diez Arriola, Iñaki Cendrero and Joseba Albizu plus Pedro, Paco, Julián, Iñaka, Ander ,
Asier, Jose Manuel
and the rest of the 850 popular bikers, as protagonists as those with the most renown, who accepted the challenge proposed by Joseba Leon.


On June 27, the fifth edition of the Bilbao Extreme BTT took place in our city, a Mountain Bike event starting and finishing in Kobetas that consisted of three alternative routes of different kilometers and difficulty and that, despite going through the popular cycling area of Pagasarri, discovered many new trails for bikers. The V Bilbao Extreme has left us with a high number of participants coming from outside Bizkaia, a total of almost 400 runners have come from outside our historical territory making it clear that the Bilbao Extreme is increasingly attractive outside our borders


2015 - Bilbao Extreme

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More than 1000 participants

1,020 participants took the start at Alto de Kobetas to enjoy the slopes of the Bilbao mountains.
Despite the rain that fell during the previous months, we enjoyed a sunny day with high temperatures.
The cycling test was rewarded with a plate of pasta and free drink as well as the bicycle fair to enjoy a full day in the mountains.